Monday, 29 March 2010

On the Rocks

A lovely afternoon in Llangollen - except for poor Evie falling in just after I took the top photo!! She slipped and ended up in the water up to mid thigh. I ran over and hauled her out, but she was quite shaken up and scared for a while afterwards, poor chicken. No harm done and we've both learnt a lesson: Eve that water is sometimes powerful and frightening, me that she's not always the 'careful one'.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I feel like we've only just been let out - and it really has been a loooooooong winter!

I emptied a planter trough into the veg patch last Autumn as the crocuses I'd planted in it had been rubbish that Spring - so here they are defying me by snuggling up to the purple sprouting broccoli.

And please tell me I am not the only one to get such a ridiculous satisfaction from a line full of laundry...?

Catch up photos

Yummmmmmm - sixth formers at college held a bake sale to raise money for a twin school in Kenya so I bought a plateful of cakes to bring home to the rascals.
And the lovely cookie that Jan, our childminder, helped Thom make for Mothers' Day.
And the little nest of eggs I sent to my season swapee.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Under the Sofa

Treasures from my under-sofa scavenging......Two favourite books, a dolly, a spring onion, a hair band and one of those dodgey dvds that appear from goodness knows where every so often. I honestly have NO idea where it came from...?

Thom came over rather sad and tired out from emptying the sideboard, cuddled up and nursed to sleep, while I sat and read a bit more of the Napthali book. I'm not sure that counts as nursing mindfully unfortunately, but I can live with it.

So - what's under your sofa??

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring Season Swap

Look, look, look! What gorgeous, lovely, scrummy things from MummySib - a daffodil child, a daisy chain, a bluebell garland an a Spring garland. What a clever mummy - we feel thoroughly spoilt - Thank you so much, xx

Friday, 19 March 2010

Happy Birthday Eve

My beautiful first born was five this week. She really enjoyed her special day; we had Grandma Rosemary and Grandad Brian staying, and my mum and dad came to visit for an hour too - Evie loves spending time with her family. And she had received lots of cards and parcels through the post over the past week, which I had sneaked away to hide. She was so generous - happily sharing her presents, so that Noah and Thom could open some too.
We swam with a small group of friends in the afternoon and had a birthday tea in the cafe at the leisure centre, with pass the parcel and a fab cake made by Grandma. I tried very hard not to think about how much we're going to miss everyone.
Harv took some lovely photos of the birthday girl and friends playing; I took a handful in the morning but then was (happily) a bit too wrapped up in the rest of the day. I will try to remember to sneak a few off Harv...
In the mean time, Happy Birthday, sweet girl.