Monday, 29 June 2009

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Eve's Photos

Here are some photos Eve took yesterday of the collage she made, a drawing she did, herself, our herb garden and Taddler, our guinea pig:-

Friday, 26 June 2009


Lunch with a fairy and a mad professor (check out Noah-boots' hair!)

I am very excited that I've learned to cast on (courtesy of youtube - thanks for the tip Emily's mum) and started knitting a sweater for Thom.

A quiet afternoon in the garden for Eve, Thom and I. Sophie bear's having lunch with Dora in the new high chair. She's having a great time here, Meg! (Eve's Canadian cousin)

My beautiful boy...

Here is how our garden is growing...... Teeny broccoli plants, protected to keep our monster rabbit off them; a huge rhubarb plant, thriving on neglect; Eve and Noah's sunflowers; some potted cucumbers and a tomato grown by mum; a geranium present from Margaret; a lovely purple flowering shrub I don't know the name of from Helen; and another bumper crop of plums all being well.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Being slightly prone to grumpiness of an evening Thom responded very happily to a wander around the garden and a go in dad's new chair....

And here's my beautiful smiley boy (with a poorly eye but still gorgeous) -


So, I decided today was the day to finally get the rest of our bits and bobs into the veg patch......
We spent the afternoon in the garden weeding, digging, planting and watering - I planted veggies and Eve planted the much longed for snap dragon and alyssa plants she'd chosen at the garden centre.
Then she watered them.........then she watered the patio.....lovely muddy puddles......

As you can see, the veg patch still looks like rather weedy, but it now has a pretty border.....

Elsewhere in the garden, we have loadsof apples growing this year - so lots more apple and roasted garlic chutney for Christmas presents, I think.

And here are a couple of resurrected plants - the sambucus is in flower after nearly dying when we moved it out of its pot a couple of years ago, and the lupin was almost destroyed by rotten blackfly but is now growing flowers again.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Midsummer day seems like a good day to start (and it's very British-summery here - grey and a bit drizzly).
Thom is feeling a bit poorly and sad and therefore having an extended lunch
Noah is sleeping after a swim
Eve is very busy cutting out old magazines

Eve and I opened our season swap this morning. Here it is.......

Thank you so much for brightening up our solstice Sundog!

Here's our season table:-

It has moved (and shrunk a bit) to make room for this....

A beautiful wooden kitchen from Spica - so we now have a catering sized play kitchen!

I also tidied up the rest of the toys - I can't explain why I'm so proud of this.

And here's my season swap item for Devonmama:

It's ages since I did any cross-stitch. I really enjoyed making it - but am glad it wasn't any bigger!

And not forgetting that it's Fathers' Day - here's Daddy's pressie - hope it's not too long till he gets to sit in it!!

And here are a few older photos:

Here's my lovely girl's felt-tip face:

Here are my lovely (biggest) boy's feet - he was sleeping in a foetal position last night when I went to check him last night

And this is the treasure basket I put together for my friend's new bub: