Monday, 24 January 2011

Mama Made Monday

So proud of this! I made a loaf from scratch and by hand for the first time ever! Yes, I know some people do this every day, but I don't..... We had a bread machine in the UK, and since we have been in Nepal, we have been buying loaves from various bakeries on the school run, the most exciting being the Secret Bakery which I will tell you about another time...
Anyhow, the bread - it was much easier than I thought. The recipe was very simple, and the kneading, which is what had put me off so far, was actually enjoyable, theraputic, mesmerising....
The most difficult bit is finding somewhere warm for the dough to prove - and co-ordinating it all within a period of electricity provision, (our oven is electric).
Tasted fanstic and only lasted a couple of hours!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Past Dhulikhel but not as far as Tibet.... where we went spent a happy, sunny weekend. These photos pre-date Christmas and camera thievery, but not by much, and I thought they'd be good to share. We went camping with some friends. And a few gravel trucks.... the river is the source of much building material used in Kathmandu. But they didn't really intrude on our little campsite. In fact they were pretty entrtaining to watch at times - the JCB digger is giving itself a shower..... Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a photo of the two trucks racing across the river, but it was pretty bonkers.
I think I still have sand in my trainers....

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Making things

Haven't been in the mood for blogging recently. My camera was stolen which, aside from peeing me off rather, has meant no photos to post. We've been using Harv's phone and occasionally Eve's camera, but it's just not the same. I have a replacement camera on the way but it'll be a month until it gets here, along with Harv's mum and dad who are coming to visit in February.
Anyway, I just wanted to wave hello, and here are some older photos to show you of things we been making.

We made some painted paper elephants to decorate the walls on the boys' bedroom as it was looking disappointingly bland. They have since been joined by several dinosaurs and an invasion of pirates, so it's much busier in there now.

And these are the decorations I made for the GP winter season swap - a poinsettia (LOADS of them growing here at the moment) and a holly leaf and a snowdrop.

And here's a view of our dining room from way back in the Autumn. Lisa sent us some Autumn leaves all the way from Weston Rhyn, so we stuck them on the walls, with our painted pumpkins.

And I'll leave you with a promise of something more uptodate very soon. Maybe even a few of Harv's phone photos from Thailand.........

Happy New Year!