Saturday, 26 March 2011


I am finding that I am explaining at least once a week why Noah is not in school or nursery. This is mainly to other expat mums, but also occasionally a Nepali chap in the shop or lady on the street will ask how old he is and whether he goes to school. He's only 3 but is quite a bit bigger than your average Nepali 3 year old, so I guess he's quite eye-catching. Nepali children go to school very young (I'm sure some of them can barely dress themselves, and they are wobbling around in collars and ties), and the expat children we know are almost all going to nursery, at least part time, by the time they are 2 1/2 or three at the latest.
I always planned to have Noah and Thom home with me for the first six months we spent out here, and by the time it came to Christmas, I decided we'd carry on and have the whole year together, and Noah could start Foundation Class in August. Obviously I question myself as to whether I am doing the right thing; as a parent (and especially a mum, I think) I am hardwired to do so. I'm not going to justify myself here - I don't feel any need to - he's three for goodness sake! Noah and Thom have a great time at home, and out and about with me, and I am confident that he's ready to go off to school in August, and will have a great bunch of skills to take with him. He doesn't write his name on his own, but he knows what letters are for, and his fine motor skills are great. He really enjoys lots of Mathematical thinking without realising that that's what he's doing. And, more importantly, the extended role play and imaginative games he plays with his little brother, his big sister when she's here, and these last couple of weeks Mometa, our guard's daughter who's off school this month, are much more valuable experiences for him than being able to copy letters neatly, having no idea what they mean, eh..... (Sounds a bit judgemental, and not aimed at UK nurseries or TBS where he'll go in August, but I know to be the case in lots of nurseries here.)

This was a birthday party, organised in honour of Polar Bear.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Six! SIX!!

Wow - Evie-chops is six!
Better get organised....
We waved her off to school which Harvey and a couple of bags of sweeties to share with her classmates, then made some Springy decorations and a little flower garden - inside the straws are treat messages or forfeit messages - everyone got to pick their own straw-flower and read their message, and then either choose their treat or do their forfeit.

We also had a table of tattoos.... Which was rather over indulged by some who went home with arms coveredin them. Oops.

And of course a birthday tea / picnic, including a fab chocolate and courgette (yes, courgette) cake.

And more fabulous face painting from the amazing Natasha.

Happy sixth birthday to my arty, sporty, gregarious, strong-willed, independent, big-little girl!

Thursday, 3 March 2011


This is a sight that makes me happy....

We have 10 hours of electricity in 24 at the moment, so getting organised and lucky enough to have ingredients in the house, electricity to power the oven (to my knowledge, there are no gas ovens in Kathmandu), and a sensible stretch of time in which to do it all - well.... Let's just say Noah and I were pretty chuffed with ourselves. Mincemeat flapjack, peanut butter cookies (some with chocolate, some without), and the very popular cheesey biscuits. And check out my tiddly surface top oven...

And while we were baking, Thom was gardening.

Noah took my camera for a walk around the garden a bit later, and took these:

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm his mum, but I was rather impressed..!

And here's just a bit of self-indulgence - come on, it's not very often I have such smart and ungrubby rascals to show off! Thank you Grandma Rosemary, for the new, smart outfits!